Bookster TV vs BookRix – Round One

Hello Booksters!

As you might know, independent book publisher BookRix sued us last year for allegedly “bad mouthing” them after they (allegedly 🙂 ) broke their contract with us and refused to pay monies they owed for our obvious efforts. At which point we decided to put a hold on our activities, regroup and basically – keep our traps shut!

As of last week, we received official notification from the high courts involved, which unanimously voted in our favor. BookRix, which we personally believe to be inherently bad (that’s an opinion BookRix, can’t sue for that again) must pay all fees related to their bogus lawsuit. A substantial loss and bad business move on their part to begin with. Which we believe was solely motivated by individual egos, not proper business thinking. As we said then, we say again now, if you don’t want people talking bad about you simply don’t do bad things to people. Why some businesses believe they are above the laws of common morality, is beyond our understanding.

At any rate, the fight is far from over. We will be addressing the original issue of the breach of contract and all delinquent funds, so stay tuned for more drama.

What has changed however is we will start doing what we set out to do in the first place – promoting independent talent. Unfortunately, we will not be supporting any authors who are solely distributed via BookRix. Sorry for that but we know the real ethics behind that machine. For any of you working exclusively with them, we sincerely wish you all the best.

Your Bookster TV Team

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