How Author J.C. Laird Romances Time Travel From Time To Time

BooksterTV is an entertainment and promotional platform dedicated to supporting talented Authors and their great books. In this BooksterTV episode we showcase award winning author J.C. Laird’s romantic tale, “FROM TIME TO TIME” and a rare live interview via Skype. Please LIKE our FB page and follow @BooksterTV.

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8 Comments to "How Author J.C. Laird Romances Time Travel From Time To Time"

  1. Craig, John…just wonderful. Thanks for the glimpse into From Time To Time. My hat off to both of you!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Patrick! You have been a great supporter since day one of trying to get this format off the ground and its always a pleasure to hear from you, thanks.

  2. One of my favorite books and such a treat to see and hear John in person. Congratulations on the interview and wishing you lots of sales! You deserve it.

  3. Mary Henkel Trevathan says:

    I look forward to readying John’s first novel! Congratulations – a great accomplishment! And thank you both for doing the interview – what a pleasant surprise! Keep up the good work, John!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Mary for your comment. It was a pleasure being able to hang out with John and great to hear you will experience “From Time To Time” first hand.

  4. Sally Wade says:

    Well written beautiful love story which makes for a great read.Thanks Craig and John for the insights.

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