How Author J.C. Laird Romances Time Travel From Time To Time

BooksterTV is an entertainment and promotional platform dedicated to supporting talented Authors and their great books. In this BooksterTV episode we showcase award winning author J.C. Laird’s romantic tale, “FROM TIME TO TIME” and a rare live interview via Skype. Please LIKE our FB page and follow @BooksterTV.

Bookster TV vs BookRix – Round One

Hello Booksters! As you might know, independent book publisher BookRix sued us last year for allegedly “bad mouthing” them after they (allegedly 🙂 ) broke their contract with us and refused to pay monies they owed for our obvious efforts. At which point we decided to put a hold on our activities, regroup and basically […]

Better Late Than Never

Hello Booksters and all literary enthusiast’s out there! This is Craig from BooksterTV. It’s been just over one month since I announced my intention to start this promotional platform for independent authors and their great work. In that time I encountered some unexpected challenges and as is often the case, unnecessary hurdles. I’m happy to […]

The Indie Author Showcase Series