Better Late Than Never

Hello Booksters and all literary enthusiast’s out there! This is Craig from BooksterTV. It’s been just over one month since I announced my intention to start this promotional platform for independent authors and their great work. In that time I encountered some unexpected challenges and as is often the case, unnecessary hurdles.

I’m happy to report this little production is back on track and we have nailed down our first four authors we would like to showcase. I would like to take this opportunity and announce two of those talented writers coming up in our series and the other two will be announced shortly.

20130825-095227.jpgFirst up is the author Reggie Ridgway. We initially used Reggie in our demo show, the episode we used to get BookRix interested in this whole thing. And since we genuinely do like Reggie, we will release an official episode featuring him and his great work this coming week. And like any developing format, this needs time to develop. 🙂 We will be experimenting trying to find entertaining and interesting ways to help promote you talented folks out there.

pk_gallagher.jpgAnother author we are looking forward to feature is P. K. Gallagher. She actually promised to give us an interview so that will be a special treat featured in that episode. Look for that in the next two weeks or so.

We are hoping to get to the point where we have a weekly episode to broadcast but until that time please subscribe to this webpage/site and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Also, if you happen to be a talented and confident writer and part of the community, reach out to us and perhaps we will be featuring you and your wonderful work sooner than later.

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  1. P.K. is another emerging author. “Cerberus”, winner of a major contest over at Bookrix (and rightly so) is an example of a genre-timely work that reads as though a major author has written it! Thanks, Craig!

    1. Hello Patrick,
      Thanks so much for the positive energy and support! God knows we need it lately, lol! The P.K. Episode is officially in the works. Despite her present busy schedule, she’s confirmed her interview date for next week and we’re very much looking forward to connecting with her. Stay tuned for another groundbreaking episode of BooksterTV! (I love saying that lol!)

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