Does Reggie Ridgway Top Moonshadow With End Game – BooksterTV

BooksterTV is an entertainment and promotional platform dedicated to supporting talented Authors and their great books. In this episode of BooksterTV we showcase the talented author Reggie Ridgway and 2 of his wonderful works!

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  1. Thanks for the great review and promotion. I plan to tell all my author friends to check this out. This could be the next big thing for authors to build their platform and get the word out. Very professionally done, slick and entertaining. Thanks BooksterTV.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for sharing and keep an eye out for our next episode featuring Author P.K. Gallagher.

  2. This was fantastic! Really well done! Great job and the next big thing in Promotions! Made me want to run out and this Reggie’s Books.

    1. Hi Glynis,
      We’re thrilled that you enjoyed learning about Reggie’s book watching our original program, BooksterTV. Next up, a talented woman named P.K. Gallagher so please stay tuned…

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