Our Booksters

Genevieve Ovenell

Social Media Maven and Professional Hat Wearer

If she’s not writing a company blog, Facebook-ing writing tips or responding to PR issues, genevieve o.Genevieve is most likely Instagraming photos of her food or her two cats. Her music taste is classified into three categories: socially acceptable, shower/car, and gym jams. She loves true crime novels and is obsessed with serial killers. Whether you need a press release or a karaoke partner for a duet, she’s your girl.

Craig Phillips

Content Producing Phine and Founding Bookster

When he’s not avoiding Facebook like the plague, he’s Tweeting about avoiding Facebook like the craig plague. Born a Baptist preacher, Craig decided his talents would be best suited as an out-of-work Activist. After renouncing a degree in Business Politics, he turned his sights to talent development, artist promotion and professional fishing. Following the record breaking capture of a fish THAT big, Craig designated the proceeds towards starting the 9th biggest video platform dedicated to independent Authors and their killer books. Eventually, it became the 2nd biggest platform.