P.K. Gallagher On Life, Love And Her Fantasy Novel Cerberus – BooksterTV

Hey Booksters!

Here’s another new episode from the even newer entertainment format dedicated to Authors and their great books, BooksterTV! In this episode we are featuring a very talented, lovely and quirky Author who goes by the name of P.K. Gallagher. She’s written a very interesting and entertaining, fantasy novel called Cerberus. This interview is in its entirety (30 Mins).

Despite our previous sponsor breaking their promise to support their talented Authors and this programs future, it’s still important to me that I at least keep my word–A promise I publicly made (albeit based on hollow words.) Now, I’ve officially done that. Yay! 🙂

As for the future of BooksterTV, I will hopefully find a reliable sponsor or broadcast partner so I can continue to promote talented Authors and their great books. If anyone has some insight on making that happen, don’t be shy, I’m all ears. Thanks for your support!

Now, enjoy the show.
“Write on.”


  1. VERY interesting interview, and enjoyable, Craig and P.K. So happy to see both of you live and in color 🙂 The history behind the writing of Cerberus was fascinating. Very best to you with your first novel, P.K. And keep up the great work, Craig!

    1. Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Working with P.K. was a fun experience and the hardest part, deciding what bits to cut out. Obviously, I failed at that. 🙂 it’s all there!

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